Dance mum disasters and why we love our dance families!

Dance mum disaster!!!  We’ve been having a great conversation over on the Crazy Dance Mum Facebook page (come join us – it’s lots of fun) and some other groups on Facebook about our Dance Mum Disasters.  From being miles from home with no music, costumes, only one shoe, no prop to wiglets flying through the air, costume malfunctions, wrong versions of music and tap shoes on the wrong feet, so many dance mum disasters.  One shining light in all of this is who often other dance mums had stepped in to help,  we may be a bit crazy but our dance family definitely knows how to pull together in times of emergency.   No other story demonstrates this more than this one from Ashley from South East Texas.  Ashley has 3 dancing daughters.  Her biggest dancing disaster is enough to give anyone anxiety.  Their dream duffel with costumes, shoes, AND make-up for her three daughters plus a friend was STOLEN from their truck!  They only realized an hour before the competition and had to scramble to put together costumes for the girls.

“Thank the lord the competition was held in the Houston Galleria. Our teachers and moms ran around the mall trying to find similar clothes. We worked as a team to get it done.. it was one of our best competitions!!”

Dance mom disaster

With her dance family rallying around trying to find clothes, finding shoes, sharing make-up, and getting to work with their hot glue guns, the girls got on stage!  Absolutely incredible!!!  Here are some pictures of the costumes they put together.
Dance mom disaster

Dance mom disaster

Thanks so much to Ashley for sharing her story.  When people say things like, why do you spend so much money on dance or ask why we spend so much time on dancing- it’s because of THIS – our dance families – it’s hard to explain to an outsider but that sense of camaraderie, of pulling together or cheering our kids on together – it is truly wonderful. Got a dance mum disaster to share?  Please comment below or come join us on the Crazy Dance Mum Facebook Page.


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