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Dance Mom Disaster!  How to remove E6000 from a costume.

We all know that E6000 is the BEST when it comes to stoning costumes. BUT…carefully dabbing all that E6000 here there and everywhere can so easily end in dance mom disaster. We’ve all been there – I get it – stoning a costume is HARD!    So, if the worst happens and you end up with a big ole dab of glue right where you don’t want it, the question is, how to safely remove E6000 from a costume.  Can it be done?  Will you ruin your costume?  First off, take a step back and decide whether the offending E6000 really needs to be removed.  Is it is a spot that is really not obvious or that you won’t see from the stage?  Alternatively, is it possible to cover it up in some way?  If the answer to this is a big NO, then your options are as follows.

The most widely recommended method to remove E6000 from a costume is

Lighter Fluid on a Q-tip.  Remember to test on an area that can’t be seen or on a scrap of fabric, but this is the best and safest way to remove E6000 from a costume.

A second option is

Goo Gone. Again, test before use and be careful as it may weaken the glue on neighboring stones.

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