Salmon pink, theatrical pink, convertible – ballet tights – what does it all mean?

Ballet tights are the tights that your child will be required to wear for their ballet class and performances. First up, they are tights, they will get holes, they will get ladders, but they are relatively hardy so that’s a plus. Curiously they are called pink tights, even though they are not really pink, I suppose in the same way that flesh-colored tights are called flesh when that is rarely what they are.  Not all tights are created equal. Salmon tights aren’t really salmon, theatrical tights are worn by ballet dancers and convertible has nothing to do with a car.

  1. First up, check the uniform list for your school. Look for the words, salmon, theatrical, and convertible.  Also, check whether your school prefers a certain brand.
  2. Salmon tights are a sort of darker color than theatrical. ‘Generally’ theatrical pink tights match better with ballet shoes, especially Capezio.
  3. Convertible means that the tights have a little hole in the foot, it sounds uncomfortable but isn’t.  What it does mean is that your dancer can fold the tight back over their foot and roll it up their leg.  So, for example, if they had a ballet class and then a contemporary class, they could roll their tights up and put their foot thongs on.

  1. Different brands are different. Bloch tights come in at the most expensive. They have two brands, Bloch the Fiesta. These tights are super soft. Capezio comes in next. Capezio also have a tight waistband which does show up under leotards. Energetiks come in the cheapest. They have a super budget pair as part of their Encore range but even their standard range is a good deal.
  2. Kmart sells a really strange stirrup ballet tight – avoid! Target also sells ballet tight.  These may be ok if your school doesn’t have specific requirements.
  3. Though the quality can differ, tights are tights. They will last longer on Tarkett than wood. They will suffer when exposed to sharp objects.  Keeping a pair of tights for exams and performances is a good idea.
  4. If you get a ladder or run in your tights you can temporarily stop it by painting clear nail polish on the end of the ladder.
  5. ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS have a spare


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