What is a foot thong, a toe thong, a lyrical shoe, a half shoe, a toe undie?

We all know what a thong is? And toe, and a half, and a shoe….and well lyrical….the jury is still out. Some styles such as lyrical and contemporary are often performed barefoot.  However, some moves, like turns are hard to perform without a ballet or jazz shoe. The foot, especially, when sweaty, sticks to the floor making it hard to perform the required step and can also put undue pressure on the knee.  The solution (there is always a solution), is the foot thong, half shoe, lyrical shoe, or my personal favorite, the toe undie. Just be warned, these are the smallest, strangest,  and possibly most expensive per cm item you will purchase as a crazy dance mum! As always, consult your school’s uniform list or discuss with your teacher to find out what you actually need. Still, confused?

Things to know.

  1. Foot thongs, toe thongs, or toe undies – these are generally little pieces of fabric, possibly with some leather on the sole that you slip over your toes. BEWARE. Some of these are harder to put on than others. Some require that each toe goes through a specific loop (not good), others just require the big toe goes through one loop and the rest of the toes through the other. You can upscale this type of product by buying a neoprene version (thicker) or a version with rhinestones (pretty but check with your teacher)

2.  Half shoes, lyrical shoes – these come from the world of rhythmic gymnastics. They are like half a ballet shoe with elastic replacing the back half of the shoe. These protect the feet much more than their cousin the foot thong. BEWARE – usually, these come with 2 pieces of elastic. Sometimes one of these falls off making for a very messy look and potentially dangerous hazard. The best lyrical shoes, especially for little kids,  either have a piece elastic that loops over the foot OR allow for one of the elastics to be looped over the foot. They also come in canvas and leather and (of course) different shades. Some are similar to a ballet shoe in color, some are more tan.  As always, check if there are any special requirements for your particular school.

Example of a toe thong with elastic going over the arch for extra security. These are from Capezio


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