5 things you can do right now to help your dancer succeed

5 tips to fast track dancer success – you won’t believe the results!

What you can do right now to help your dancer succeed.

We all want to give our dancers the best chance of success right? We truly want to help our dancers succeed. We spend inordinate amounts of money and time for our children to dance and we want to make sure they get the most out of it!! Well, good news!  You might not know your retirė from your relevė but there are some really simple things that you can do RIGHT now to give your dancer the edge to help your dancer succeed. Tell me more I hear you say!! Here is a summary of the top five tools for dancer success!

  1. Praise Learn how to praise your dancer for success! Praise them you say? Well, I bet you do that all the time but the WAY you praise them can have an incredible impact on their progress and success,  Praise the process, praise their effort, their work rather than just simply telling them they are a wonderful and talented dancer and the results will be extraordinary. Find out more about growth mindset and dance here,
  2. Set Goals Learning how to set goals is a valuable skill that will impact all areas of your child’s life.  Help your child set goals, help them to break them down into small achievable tasks, and suddenly that skill they have been working on will be achieved. Find out more about setting goals here,
  3. Stop talking about natural talent But why I hear you ask? I see talented kids all the time! When we attribute success to natural talent by saying things like ‘oh she’s naturally flexi’, we are basically telling our child that there is no use trying or working hard because success is due to natural talent, a factor beyond their control. Read more about the natural talent myth here.
  4. Learn to use the word YET – yet is a tiny word but one that makes so much difference and opens up a world of possibilities. Try it out for size. I can’t do pirouettes versus I can’t do them YET. I’m not very flexible versus I’m not very flexible yet. Learn about the power of yet here.
  5. Practice effectively I know, I know, dancing kids never stop dancing BUT are they using that time to the very best of their advantage? Learning how to practice effectively, when, how, and what to work on will fast track your dancer for success.  Find out how here.


 Help dancer succeed


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