The single most important thing you can do as a dance parent

Let’s face it!  There is a pretty steep learning curve to learn how to become a fully-fledged, certified, Crazy Dance Momma. However, there is one secret, bigger and better than all the other tips, tricks, and hacks and the great news is – it super easy to do.

Drum roll please…the number one, hottest tip to be a successful dance parent is….to…..READ YOUR NOTiCES.

The information provided to you by your dance school whether it is handed out in class, emailed to you, or put on a Facebook page may seem confusing, overwhelming, or even annoying.  However, it will contain all the most important things you need to know to make it as a dance parent.

These notices are especially important around exam time, concert time, or any other big event on the dance calendar. These notices will contain important points such as

WHERE you have to be

WHEN you have to be there

WHAT you should bring with you.

Particularly around exam time, extra rehearsals may be scheduled and you will most likely be required at dress rehearsals or theatre rehearsals. The notices, emails, etc will tell you all these things but you MUST READ THEM- right till the end. Sometimes it’s complicated, you might need costume and makeup at one rehearsal or be at a different venue for another.

I get it, you are busy, you work, you are over all these notices, but believe me, reading your notices will save SO much STRESS and DISTRESS in the long run.  You do not want your child to be the one crying in the corner because all the other kids have their costumes on or their make-up done or whatever is just because you didn’t take the time to be prepared. You pay a lot of money and spend a lot of time when your child dances.  You want to make the most out of this money and time. When your child is stressed because they are late, missed a rehearsal, or don’t have the right shoes, hair, or makeup, they will not enjoy what is otherwise a really fun experience.  In addition, they certainly won’t be getting the most out of the rehearsal.  How can they be expected to remember corrections and changes when they are distressed, disorganized, and late.  Reading your notices and following the instructions, not only helps your child feel confident and prepare, and ready to enjoy and benefit from a rehearsal but also helps teach them valuable lessons in preparation and organization that will last well beyond their dancing years.

As a final note, spare a thought for your dance teachers.  There is typically very little time available for rehearsals, they are often squeezed into the few hours after school before it gets too late for the little kids.  These rehearsals have to run with military-like precision.  There are SO many, SO MANY things that can go wrong, don’t let your child be one of them. Do you very best to have them prepared and organized rather than them being the child who is late or the child with the wrong tights, the wrong hairstyle, no shoes, etc etc etc.  Let them enjoy all the fun and excitement of dress rehearsals!  After all, isn’t dressing up and performing on stage what it is all about??


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